The Union des Vignerons (vine grower union) represents 80 vine growers spread over the Saint Pourçain area and covers 420 ha (2/3 of the total vineyard area).This co-operative is the driving force behind the development and promotion of the quality of the wines.

The co-operative’s Board is made of around 20 professional wine makers,whose estates range between 15 and 35 ha. One important asset of the group is the youth of the vine growers and members of the board in particular, who tend to be about 40 years old. This means that they have a high level of expertise; they are open to change and the need to constantly move forward. But above all, they are aware of the fact that the wine world is changing all the time. As a consequence, they are able to take on board the needs of a changing market as well as the customer’s requirements.

The co-operative itself is managed by a director and his assistant, both of whom are wine makers.They are supported by a team of 15 employees. Together, they manage all aspects of vine growing, production, packaging and sales in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere.

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